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Notre philosophie, notre équipe
Développant un tourisme viable et durable, avec expérience et éthique

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Séjours courts

Une seule destination, pour découvrir un monde... et un art de vivre.

Depuis Managua, Granada, o Liberia, guide, tout inclus

Mines d'or, cow-boys et producteurs de café
5 jours, un "Far West" en Amérique Centrale Depuis Liberia (CR)

The Green Lode
7 Days / 6 Nights - (Ref#18)

An eco-farms route trip through the lush mountains of Nicaragua, in search of great sustainable coffee plantations.


The best organic coffee producing farms in the lush mountains of the country. A full itinerary of encounters with families and farmers who are true lovers of their wonderful natural environment. An environment they protect and respect like a precious jewel. Enjoy the harmony between nature and its people, while breathing the fresh air of forests on sustainable coffee farms. (1)

(1) Coffee farms certified by the Rainforest Alliance

Day to Day Program - ENGLISH VERSION   

D1: Arrival in Nicaragua

Reception at airport gates. Transfer to the colonial city of Granada, and its heart dating back 500 years. Recommendations from your guide and a welcome cocktail. If desired, your Guide can accompany you on a walk to visit some nearby places in the historic city's center.
Note: night in hotel (RFA Verified) - Dinner not included - Transfer Time: 1h00


D2: Community adventure & a spectacular Canopy Tour

We start in a sub-humid tropical surrounding: In a corner of the "Mombacho Volcano", ("la Granadilla") visiting a women's organization. We will discover their agricultural products near a spring of clear volcanic waters where we can take a refreshing bath. Rural lunch at "Nicaragua Libre" farm. At the "Las Flores" farm, we can taste a delicious organic coffee (Certified by RFA), before literally flying between and above the leafy tree tops attached to a cable, moving from platform to platform. (Super fun!). Finally, we move to the humid tropics in a region of lush mountains, home to one of the best mountain coffee in the world, the coffee plants are grown slowly beneath the forest without chemicals. We will stop in the city of Matagalpa, where artisans show the movement of their needles and the production of natural jewelry handicrafts.
Note: Night in ecolodge (RFA Verified) - Transfer Time: 3h30 Walking: 3h30


D3: "La Hermandad": Natural Agro-adventure

With the sun's first rays, we will visit a local workshop where women show us how to create crafts with recycled paper. In "la Hermandad" farm, forests are waiting to be trodden. Invited into the jungle, (with great discretion and respect for nature), discover some of the species attentive to the sound of our footsteps. The farm offers a meal with beans and vegetables grown there. We will visit plantations and stay with families in the community and share their daily activities, while feeling "cool" with the natural environment, just like one of the local farmers.
Note: Night in ecolodge - Transfer Time: 0h20 Walking: 3h00


D4: In the Cloud forest: a cheering aromatic organic Coffee

Continuing our route by "The Green lode", we arrive at "La Bastilla" coffee farm where we discover breathtaking scenery around the coffee plantations. We'll have a look to each interesting activities and social projects developed in these secluded mountains: a technical college, farm animals breeding and new crops, a sustainable tourism project, reforestation and protection activities of the flora and fauna. After a great traditional lunch, we will begin following the trip of a coffee bean: from the plant, to toasting, and a fantastic cup of hot brew, and learn about the art to Taste Testing Coffee, as a connoisseur.
Note: Night in ecolodge (RFA Verified) - Transfer Time: 1h00 Walking: 4h00


D5: The Selva Negra Rainforest -Sustainable Coffee Certified

In the morning you may want to check out some nearby trails and do some bird watching before breakfast. After we will transfer to the famous coffee farm "Selva Negra", as we are taken back in time to the 19TH century, discovering the factory and the history of coffee in a small museum. We will walk trails through the virgin rainforest, to a small farm and see the process how Coffee is certified as a sustainable product and brand. Returning to Granada at the end of day, we will dine in the illuminated historic center.
Note: Night in hotel (RFA Verified) - Transfer Time: 4h30 Walking: 2h30


D6: Granada: Eco-Adventure through Colonial Times

Visit the very pedestrian and provincial center of Granada, guardian of memorable and inspiring historical events. Explore Granada's beauties, by walking, by Horse Carriage and/or by bike, for its picturesque streets, cementery, historical buildings and finally in kayak through the islets, the water labyrinth and the greenish archipelago of Granada in Cocibolca lake, watching huge numbers of waterfowl.
Note: night in hotel (RFA Verified) - Walking: 3h00 Kayaking: 3h00


D7: Leaving Nicaragua

Transfer Granada - National Airport
Note: Transfer Time 1h00

Minimum: 2 persons

INCLUDED: Guide, Tours, Entrance, Transportations, Acomodations and Alimentation (out of the first dinner which is not included) and out of drinks.

NOT included : any beverage, tips, airport taxes.


Nous vous répondrons dans les plus brefs délais.

(Expéditions et Trekking)

Circuits multi-destinations en petits groupes.

Avec un spécialiste des voyages de rencontre et trekking, hors des sentiers battus!

Indiens, pionniers, fleuves et forêt vierge
15 jours d'expédition
« Art de vivre »

Tourisme rural et communautaire:
Réservez votre "Pueblo-Hotel" (villages au bord de l´océan ou dans une île du grand lac, ou dans les montagnes fraîches) ou votre auberge familial (6 options différentes).

1 semaine dans la montagne, pension complète, avec 20 heures de cours particuliers et le partage de la vie quotidienne d´une famille

Cours d´espagnol avec des jeunes paysans formés pour être vos professeurs et séjours dans des communautés rurales particulières, organisées pour votre sympathique accueil.

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